High Speed Doors – Prime Plus

Prime Plus – Sturdy and Safe

  • External door engineered for any industrial application.
  • Fast, reliable and energy efficient during strong drafts.
  • Galvanised Steel structure as standard, Stainless Steel matt finish structure which integrates traction unit, rapid wirings and safety photocells.
  • Reinforced flexible curtain in self-extinguishing material.
  • Spring steel wind locks in curtain pocket, with side twin rollers, ensures silent door travel, higher wind loads and curtain stability.
  • Integrated motorisation for very heavy duty use : 400V three phase, opening speed upto 2.0 m/s with inverter system.
  • IP65 electronic panel complete with open-close- emergency stop push button unit and self-test function.
  • Resistance to wind load according to EN 12424 Class 3/4.
  • Size up to 10000 mm (W) x 7000 mm (H).


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