Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers

Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers

  • Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers have a moveable telescopic lip, which provide a larger contact area between vehicle bed and dock leveler.
  • Telescopic Lip Dock Levelers are ideal for connecting vehicles unable to drive near dock i.e. sea containers, side loading railway wagons etc.
  • CE European Certification.
  • The truck can be loaded right upto the very last centimeter as the telescopic lip can be positioned with pinpoint accuracy.
  • Telescopic Dock Levelers are capable to extend its lip upto 1 m.
  • Built in conformity with EN 1398. Robotically welded platform and lip in anti-slip steel.
  • *Standard dimensions in mm of the BASE types, 6t point load (15t evenly distributed).


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